Christmas Gift Ideas 2023: Why You Should Give The Gift of Art

As always, the silly season is approaching far too quickly for us mere mortals to be prepared for. As a result, most of us are guilty of gifting a last-minute Kmart candle or a box of choccies from the supermarkets – all lovely gestures, don’t get me wrong – but why not mix things up this year with a creative gesture that is sure to be treasured for decades to come?

Why not give the gift of art?

While traditional presents like clothes, homewares or gadgets are usually appreciated, it’s unfortunately not always the case. According to The Australia Institute, a staggering 30% of Aussies (that’s 7.3 million people) expect to receive a gift at Christmas that they will never use. This equates to an incredible $980 million worth of wasted gifts, most of which are likely to end up in landfill.

What’s more – with inflation continuing to soar and many Aussies feeling the pinch this Christmas, it’s even more important to avoid throwing money at unwanted gifts. Here’s why art is the perfect gift:

1. It’s Timeless and Lasting
Art is a gift that can last for over a lifetime. Unlike many other gifts that may wear out or become obsolete, art remains relevant and cherished for generations. When you gift a piece of art, you’re giving a tangible piece of culture and creativity that will continue to be appreciated year after year.

2. Unique and Personal
Choosing the perfect piece of art for a loved one shows a level of effort and thoughtfulness unparalleled to traditional gifts. Not only does it demonstrate how well you know them, but it also shares with them a piece of you. To make your gift even more personalised, you can even commission a custom piece. Art can evoke emotion and memories every time it is viewed, making it an incredibly meaningful gift. 

3. Supports Artists and Local Communities
Gifting art also supports local artists and their communities. Many artists rely on the sale of their work to make a living and by purchasing their art, you contribute to their livelihood and the vitality of the local art scene.

4. Variety of Options
Art comes in many forms, meaning there is something for everyone. From original paintings, to giclee prints or even printed merchandise, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.

5. Environmentally Friendly
Because art is not an expendable commodity, it is unlikely to contribute to the environmental crisis. Some traditional gifts may be single-use, wear down over time, become obsolete or come with excessive packaging – all of which contributes to landfill eventually. Art is created to be admired for many lifetimes, making it the greener choice this Christmas.

This Christmas, consider breaking away from the ordinary and giving the gift of art. It’s the most thoughtful way to express your love while supporting the artistic community and protecting the environment.